Moen 3868EP Basic Eco-Performance Chrome Handheld Shower Review

ctaWith a wide range of shower and shower heads available these days, it is advisable to opt for the one which can offer multiple features along with a wide range of benefits.

The Moen 3868EP hand held showers does just that.

All of us are looking to save on energy and its resources in some way or another and this model helps you conserve water to almost 30% without any compromises made on the performance.

Main Features and Benefits

Looks: As we are aware that looks do matter and nowadays with the modern bathrooms being designed in specific styles, it is essential to opt for the bathroom accessories which can match up to the style. This model of the shower is in a Chrome finish and creates a look which is cool. The grey metallic look of this shower can work out ideal for any bathroom and enhance the look to a greater extent.

Hand Held Shower: Opting for hand held showers work beneficial in more than one way as they make it convenient for those who are disabled and also help a normal person enjoy the shower without getting hassled of bending and stretching to ensure proper rinsing.

Vacuum breaker: As this is per the requirements of plumbing codes, a vacuum breaker can prevent the contamination of potable water. This is especially required for hand held showers. This vacuum breaker is fitted between the diverter valve and the hose which is flexible.

Finishes: These showers have finishes which can last a life time, which can leave you sans tensions. A good finish of the bathroom accessories can make a look of the bathroom while drab finishes tend to break the look.

Healthier: As mentioned earlier, these showers are designed as an eco-friendly model, that means you are not only helping in the conservation of the environment but also living healthier with clean water.

EPA Certification: You need to be aware that this model of the shower has been certified to meet the criteria of the WaterSense, which speaks of saving of water.

Slide Bar included: The adjustment of the height of the shower head can be convenient with the included slide bar.

Installation: The easy installation of this shower makes it a worthwhile purchase. There is no waste of time and money when talking about the installation.

Small Drawback

It is about the hose.

It is available in chrome while the rest of the shower is brushed with nickel.

This can be rectified if you contact the seller or contact the customer service.


Many of us prefer the hand held shower as compared to the fixed ones as these tend to be more adjusting and less tedious.

This can give you the option of bringing the shower head where required with comfort. Your shower seems a luxurious routine with these models of hand showers.

As mentioned, they add to the comfort of those who are disabled.

Shopping for these showers is convenient online as you do not have the need of venturing hunting for one. You can say, make your bath time a good time with these hand held showers.