Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Shower Head Review

It’s normal,

That we as humans want a control on everything that we see.

We like when things happen according to the way we want them.

Handheld shower does the same for you. It gives you the charge in your hand.

By the way, here I am not going to talk about a normal shower but a massage shower.

Introducing the 2.0 GPM Niagara chrome handheld massage shower head.

Ergonomically designed and technologically sound.

And in this short review, I will show you why you should consider picking this one up today.

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How This Shower Head Made Almost Everyone to Love It

And it’s true.

Water has this magical property of cooling things down.

It can calm down a heavy fire breakout too.

So why not you?

This shower head has flow control technology which offers greater water pressure even at lower pressure!

Its 72-inch, tangle-free hose has non-removable flow compensator.

And the the length it offers here is more than sufficient.

That means you will have a lot of options with you when it comes to changing the settings from forceful to gentle.

The 9-jet turbo massage does it all for you!

But it doesn’t stop there…

Enjoy the Most Satisfying Shower Ever While Saving on Your Bills at the Same Time

What’s the secret here?

This one can indulge you in an addictive shower experience.

And it can also conserves water and saves money while enhancing pressure and delivering performance.

Due to non-aerating spray, there is less temperate loss which results in maximum energy savings. Kudos!

This shower head saves 20% more water and energy then a standard 2.5 gpm product.

Imagine saving 3,650 gallons of water annually…

How much money would you save with that?

The high-impact abs thermoplastic body also makes it corrosion resistant and maintenance-free.

You don’t need any tool to fix or install it. All you need is love!

In any case, it can get fit to all standard shower head arms.

Now, let’s take a look over this device’s…

Other Notable Features

  • 20 gallon per minute rate saves 20% in water usage as compared to standard handheld shower heads
  • 72-inch, tangle-free hose with non-removable flow compensator.
  • From forceful to gentle- 9-jet turbo massage has it all.
  • Non-aerating spray results in less temperate loss with maximum energy savings
  • Self-cleaning and maintenance-free

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If you’re still not convinced, then you should read the following…

Customer Reviews

Overall it gets a big thumbs up from customer’s side.

The entire product is chrome which a lot of customers have appreciated.

Because usually what they get in market have black or white or gray plastic on the handle or the arm support. Of course chrome looks premium.

The hose is metal, extremely flexible, and a full 7′ long.

It helps in full-size tubs because small hoses create a lot of difficulty.

The slot in the bracket that holds the shower head is oval-shaped.

That means the shower head won’t accidentally twist left or right due to the force of the water — thus getting water all over your bathroom floor.

You can still easily adjust the spray left or right via the ball joint — but that is relatively stiff, and it won’t wander by itself.

One problem that you face in other showers is also that hot water pressure in the shower is deceased. This one doesn’t do that.

All in all

This one gives you the control and handheld shower is ergonomically designed.

Not that right attention has not been given to the style. It also looks good!

So switch it on and forget the world. In any case, you will be doing good to the world by conserving water for it.