Popular Materials Used to Create Handheld Shower Heads You Should Know

Hand-held showers are one of the best varieties of shower-heads available. They have manifold advantages over other shower-heads. These shower-heads help in bathing easily and save water. They can also be used by the aged and disabled people. Moreover, they serve the purpose of hose pipes while cleaning things. But do you know which materials are used in making them?

Let us have a look at the different materials that are commonly used in manufacturing hand-held showers:-

  • Nickel:- Nickel is widely used to manufacture hand-held shower-heads. This ensures-
  1. Corrosion Resistance:- Hand-held shower-heads made from nickel are generally corrosion resistant. So, the parts do not wear away easily and the shower heads retain their normal shape.
  2. Better Toughness:– Items made from nickel are tough and resistant to abrasion. Hand-held showers are no exception. Being made with nickel, they offer huge toughness.
  • Better Strength at high and low temperatures:- Nickel hand-held showers are strong. They show great strength at low and high temperatures.

So, hand-held shower-heads made from or coated with nickel are ideal ones to be used for bathing since they can withstand forces and last long. Also, they are easily affordable.

  • Chrome:- Another very widely used variety of hand-held showers is the one that uses Chrome plating. It is basically a coating with Chromium metal. The purposes of coating it with chromium are as follows:-
  1. Decoration:– Items with Chromium plating i.e. Chrome articles provide great aesthetic value. Thus, the chrome hand-held shower heads look better and people admire the shiny texture of these shower heads.
  2. Corrosion resistance:– Parts of hand-held showers do not get corroded away easily if they are plated with chromium.
  • Increased Surface Hardness:– Chrome plating makes the surface of the hand-held showers harder.
  • Bronze:- An alloy of copper and tin, bronze is often used to make hand-held showers. The advantages offered by bronze are:-
  1. Hardness:- The hand-held shower-heads are made harder by the use of
  2. Corrosion Resistance:– Bronze coating prevents corrosion on the surface of the hand-held showers.
  • Brittleness:- Also, they are less brittle and can resist hard blow.
  • Gold-Plated:- Hand-held shower heads are sometimes gold-plated to make them look royal and majestic. These showerheads offer a visual appeal and make your bathroom a more aesthetic place. It is also a symbol of status.

Also, some other materials such as blushed bronze, polished brass, satin nickel, pearl nickel, brushed nickel can be used in making the hand-held shower-heads.

Due to the use of these metals and alloys the hand-held showers become more sensitive and sophisticated. Hence, they require some special care and maintenance. Keep the following things in mind if you use these shower heads:-

  • Use only mild soap and water to clean them.
  • Do not use any strong or harsh chemicals.
  • The faucets should be wiped dry after cleaning.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that the faucets which are not coated with any of the metals and alloys tend to tarnish earlier than the others