Pros and Cons of Using Low Flow Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

Is your water bill skyrocketing?  Well low flow shower head is the best remedy you can get yourself. A low flow shower head is a type of shower head has low pressure which makes water flowing through it to be quite less than the ordinary shower head.

When you open your tap to the maximum while using the low flow shower heads there will still be restriction on the amount of water flowing through it.

If you want more water to flow through your low flow showerhead you remove the restrictors. This can apply for the manual restrictors.

There low flow shower heads that have an automatic restrictors which sense the pressure and adjust accordingly. Below is detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of getting yourself a low flow shower head.

Pros of low flow shower heads

  • Using of low flow shower heads in our bathroom will help you manage water wastage. This is because you will end up conserving water that is used in your bathroom with up to 50%. Low flow shower heads release about 2.5 gallons of water in a minute while the ordinary shower heads they produce as much as 8 gallons in a minute. This translates to you saving on the expenses that you get as a result of water bills.
  • Water that is produced in showers require heat inform of energy so that the water is warm or hot. The more water flowing through the shower head the more energy is required to heat it up. The decrease in water outflow result to reducing the heat required to warm the water. When you use electricity to warm your water you will get a benefit if saving on the electrical bills.
  • As a result of saving on energy which is a result of the low flow shower heads, there is decrease in emission of the poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide. This makes your home to much safer.
  • Low flow shower heads they came with a luxurious feature where the shower heads can be multiple or dual. This makes you to experience relaxation and pleasure while using it. The heads are more flexible that you can hold the hose to direct it in the direction you want.

Cons of low flow shower heads

  • Low flow shower heads combine the water droplets flowing out with the air. This makes the water to cool very fast unlike the traditional water heads.
  • In low flow shower heads there is usually a delay which is also known as a time lag from the time you adjust the temperature to the time the water temperature changes. This can be quite irritating especially when you are in a hurry.
  • Low flow shower heads have a low pressure which can be adjusted as stated earlier. There some of the models you cannot adjust the pressure and you have to deal with the lower pressure which can be an inconvenience to you.