Pros & Cons of 6 Popular Shower Head Types You Should Know About

The search for the best shower heads could probably be a lot easier, but because there are so many different options available on the market today, there is nothing simple about this process.

Not only are you going to have to think about what you were hoping to get out of your shower before you go shopping, but you need to focus on your budget, the way that your shower is set up, and where you’re willing to make compromises.

Check out our breakdown of the best 6 showerhead types below and make the search a lot easier for yourself.

Traditional showerheads

This is the kind of showerhead that you’re going to find in most regular hotels and motels, the kind of showerhead that you’re going to find in most residential construction projects, and the kind of showerhead that almost everyone is familiar with. It’s a wall-mounted showerhead that comes out about 6 ½ feet or so out of the wall, and usually has a small nozzle attached at the end that you will be able to adjust so that the pattern changes.

The benefits of this showerheadare that they are inexpensive, get the job done, and are designed in a wide variety of styles and aesthetics to match pretty much every imaginable decor.

Of course, there are some downsides as well. They look cheap (most of the time), they do not offer the kind of flexibility that premium showerheads offer, and they certainly aren’t going to add any extra value to your property.

Rainfall showerheads

Rainfall showerheads are really starting to be one of the biggest trends in all of remodeling – and not just at the high-end of the industry.

Pretty much everyone and anyone that owns a home wants to get a rainfall showerhead installed, and because of this demand, it’s become a lot easier to do so at relatively inexpensive prices.

These rainfall showerheads are absolutely gorgeous, produce a very consistent and relaxing spray pattern, and are going to dramatically increase the value of your bathroom and your home. This is the ultimate in relaxation when it comes to taking a shower.

On the flipside, rainfall showerheads are still pretty expensive even though the prices have been falling, and they are going to require that you call in the professionals to handle the installation. New plumbing is going to have to be run, and that isn’t going to be inexpensive.

Shower wands and combo units

Shower wands and combination units share a lot of similarities, and they offer an incredible amount of functionality while (slightly) sacrificing design and aesthetics.

Originally intended for those with small children or the elderly, shower wands offer incredible control over the shower experience that a stationary showerhead never could. Combination units combine shower wands with traditional showerheads that run at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds!

The benefits of shower ones and combination units are numerous. For starters, you are going to gain complete and total control over your shower experience when you go with one of these showerheads. You’ll be able to hit every square inch of your body without having to contort yourself like an Olympic gymnast, and you’re going to be able to hit every single pressure point and sore spot so that you are able to relax and unwind with a custom level of pressure depending upon how close or how far away you hold the wand.

On top of that, those with children or the elderly are going to find showers a lot easier when they have one of these units set up.

On the other hand, however, these aren’t exactly the best looking showerheads. You are going to have a long flexible cord hanging in your shower, and that can really break up the clean and modern aesthetic that so many people are after these days.

Low flow showerheads

Low flow shower heads have been around for a while now, and are designed to limit the flow of water that comes out of your shower so that you improve your water efficiency and your footprint on this planet.

There are some benefits to having a low flow showerhead (like the ones that we already mentioned), but there are definitely some drawbacks and downsides as well.

For example, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy the kind of relaxing and long-lasting shower that you would have with a more traditional flow showerhead. You also are going to have to really focus on rinsing your hair and your body (as you will have less water to work with), and some even complain they feel like they are standing underneath a garden hose rather than a top-tier shower.

Multi-showerhead units

Another popular design trend in the world of remodeling today has to be the inclusion of multi-showerhead units in a single (usually oversized) shower stall.

These of multi-showerhead units are absolutely red-hot right now, and a lot of people are clamoring to have them installed in their homes. Rather than just have one traditional showerhead, one rainfall showerhead, or one shower wand or combination unit people are putting two or even three of those showerhead types in their bathroom – and sometimes one of all the showerhead solutions available in that shower space!

This is the ultimate in luxury, and you are definitely going to feel relaxed when you step into this kind of shower experience. Of course, you’re definitely going to be consuming a lot more water and a lot more energy to heat that water – and you will almost always have to have professionals come in and plumb the system for you.

This isn’t the kind of project weekend warriors or homeowner/contractors are going to want to tackle all on their own.

Outdoor showerheads

An outdoor shower isn’t just for those that live in the woods or on the beach any longer.

More and more people are building outdoor shower spaces in completely enclosed areas (except for the roof, obviously) so that they can feel as though they were caught in a rainstorm while they shower. This is very much a high-end remodel project, and it’s one that’s going to set you back a pretty penny – but it’s always going to deliver a high amount of value when it comes time to sell your property.

Aside from the increased cost of this project, outdoor showers usually don’t get the same usage or utility that traditional showers do, so that is certainly something to think about.

Closing thoughts

You are certainly going to have a lot of options available when it comes time to get yourself a new showerhead. Hopefully we have been able to help you get pointed in the right direction with the information with included above. At the end of the day, the choice is yours and yours alone – so make sure that you do more than enough research to feel completely comfortable with which effort showerhead you decide to press forward with.