Speakman S-3032-BN Anystream Refresh Modern Showerhead in Brushed Nickel Review

ctaTaking a shower is the best part of the day.

So investing in right shower is crucial for saving yourself from constant torture.

I assure you, that this shower will add greatly to your shower experience.

We often spend big amounts on bathrooms and shower rooms at our homes but still do not get satisfaction and this simple product is guaranteeing it.

When it comes to shower head, everyone has different choice.

Some like the natural pressure of rain and others want high pressure.

And in this review of the Speakman S-3032-BN, I will show you what it means to have a REAL shower head in your bathroom.

Features to sooth our nerves

The best and most praised feature of this shower head is its adjustable feature.

Sometimes we desire low spray which can act as a massage and help us forget our tensions.

This shower head can for sure give us the slight spray if we just want to relax before going to sleep.

The option to convert it into high pressure shower to just speed up the things, when we are getting late for work in the morning is also awesome.

This shower head has simple yet modern design which is most functional.

The simplicity which is elegant at the same time, attracts and thus gives your washroom out of the box look.

The unmatched interior because of bathroom and specially shower place can elevate the impression of your house many folds.

Unlike many modern shower systems available in the market, this embedded shower system in the head is user friendly.

It does not complicate the life if it is used very first time by some guest at home.

Raw materials used in making

Brass, plastic and some other metals are used in making it.

This shower head is made rust proof by using plastic in areas where water may stay for a long time.

The brass gives it durability and beauty which can make it stand out in the market.

Some internal parts are also made up of other metals to ensure maximum durability.

Small drawbacks

If you are looking for handheld shower, this is not the option you should select in any way.

Although the pressure adjustable option in this shower gives better results than the hand held version but if you really want to struggle handling the wire with shower head then you should select other options.

The shower head is just not made for the purpose.

Moreover, the shower head is designed to fight the rust but salt deposits is a common problem.

This problem can be solved by treating the head with vinegar after every few days.


It is the best option you can invest in.

If you want have a relaxing and memorable shower experience every morning, then you should buy without even thinking.

The spray and the perfect combination of equal amount of water from every hole in this shower is mesmerizing and thus will add greatly to your life.