Speakman VS-2007-PB Napa High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Hose Review

ctaIf handheld shower is your need of this moment then, then the Speakman vs-2007-PB will really be a great tool for you.

High pressurized water flow is the key characteristic for any handheld shower to be useful.

You will find your needed efficacy in it which will be wrapped in gift paper.

You must have it brass polished head which will remain useful for a long period of time.

Now, let’s take a look at the review below for more information on this great product.


When bathing, you must want to use the shower head freely that needs 360 technology and you will get it in this model.

The more a shower head got individual sprays, the more the user feels comfortable using the shower kit.

Having 40 separate sprays will give you the best bathing experience ever.

Five adjustable jets will help 12 spray jets to give you the feeling of a massaging shower.

Plastic, used in the water head is also a critical issue for the quality of water coming out of the nozzle.

Engineered plastic will ensure non-stop loving water flow.

If a shower head has wide face, you can get water all over your body very easily. 3.13” diameter is enough for a quality shower face.


This showerhead model is made lightweight and specially modified with the help of greatly experienced engineers.

You can easily use it when bathing and moving the head around your body, but you won’t feel any tiredness.

Plumbing connection in the shower head is very much imperative for controlling the water flow through the shower head.

US standard plumbing connections will provide flow control of 2.5 gpm.

Really amazing, isn’t it?

Universal Class Product

It is made of the same quality materials used in world class hotel products.

You will get a self cleaning product if you have this model of Speakman, as this model has self cleaning nozzles which will ensure relentless water flow when you are relaxing with watering your body.

Sometimes the water pressure is low, but you need not to be worried.

If you buy this model of Speakman, you won’t understand the change of water pressure while in the bathroom.

This model will ensure full pressurized water flow with its clean nozzles.

Different Shower Pattern

You might be very pleased hearing this thing that you can easily change the shower pattern with this model.

Patented Anystream technology is the great thing for which you are going to enjoy this unique feature with your shower head.

Cause, you may like different water flow for your face and back side of your body.


While using shower heads, people always think of the water bills.

But, this thing will be totally different for you as you will be using the special model of Speakman shower head.

With just a single press on the pause button you can easily stop the water flow instantly and avoid wastage.

Small Drawback

If you don’t know how to install the showerhead then you may find it a small problem.

People find it difficult to install it without the user guide.

Sometimes the water flow reduces gradually. But, don’t worry perfect installation keeps everything great.


No more thinking, it is the right time to get this model of shower head and install in your gorgeous washroom.

In recent market, this model is experiencing high demand for its difference with other models.

I hope you might not hear “stock out” from the seller.

So, have this Speakman shower head model and feel the divergence.