Speakman VS-3010 Neo Anystream High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Review

ctaFor an exquisite bathing experience, a good shower is a prerequisite.

You believe it or not, a good bath releases your fatigue and converts it into positive energy.

In my review of this Speakman VS-3010, you will be happy to learn about one such bathroom equipment that won’t frustrate you but will make you accept as true its qualities for sure.

Some of the aspects of this handheld shower are given below.

Water Flow

Beautifully designed handheld shower is equipped with a patented plunger system that helps it to release high-speed water spray.

It can work fine under any water pressure.

You can set this shower for different settings to do your rinsing and massaging in as much time as you need.

This can be done simply by rotating the faceplate of the shower according to your needs.

In either setting, the shower provides you full-flood of water.

The shower has the 5 adjustable Speakman stream nozzles with a 12 cantered effervescent massage jets that combine to produce 50 refreshing full-body sprays provided any water pressure.

High Quality Materials

The product is built under the high criteria of engineering qualities.

This makes its components precision-engineered.

Moreover, the materials used in the model’s manufacturing assist in resisting remains stock up.

The advanced manufacturing increases its ability to clean and sweep that increases the life of your product.

This flexibility helps to maintain the high standard of the product whereby its enhanced elasticity supports to work for each individual very differently.

Modern Handshower

The elegant Polished Chrome comes with a 60-inch metal hose that is adjustable.

Along with it shower arm mounting bracket is a part of the package too.

It can even be useful with diverters, slide bars and other hand held shower fixtures and brackets.

Made with plastic though, the Neo hand shower is designed by keeping in view the modern style of art.

It is both stylish and easy-to-use bathroom equipment.

With its maximum water spray, it drenches you so well from all sides.

The product is based on contemporary style.

To adorn your bathroom more, you can always add the Neo bathroom sinks by setting your favorite tone and color to it.

You can brighten up your bathroom with the modern decor solutions with this brand that are stylish as well as affordable.

Easy Installation

The Neo handheld shower is extremely easy to install.

It requires not more than 5 minutes in total to adjust it yourself.

However, installation must be done right.

Because at times it creates the problems like water dripping and leakage.

Some people complain about the leaks and drips from the hand shower and its pipe attached.

However, you can avoid these issues provided a perfect installation is done.

By this, you can make sure that all diverter nuts are joined well.


You cannot trust it if you do not try it.

So do try this by ordering now and enjoy a unique experience that is both luxurious, comfortable and worth your money.