Speakman VS-3014 Shower Head Review

What is happiness?

It’s when you do something for yourself and you feel fresh, that’s happiness.

And with this Speakman VS-3014 handheld shower head, you can enjoy happiness!


Because this device has the power to take away your stress and problems that you face the entire day.

All with just one amazing shower.

Wanna learn more about it? Then keep reading this short review of mine and you will see.

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How This Shower Head Can Easily Satisfy Even the Hardest Customers

It’s true.

This shower head features the patented Anystream 360° technology.

And this technology allows you to transit between multiple spray patterns with ease.

You just need to rotate the Caspian’s faceplate a full 360 degrees in either direction to use three distinct, luxurious spray patterns.

You can also choose between an intense spray, soothing massage jets, or a calm combination of both.

With 5 adjustable jets producing 40 individual sprays with 12 massage spray jets, this device will surprise you for sure!

The lightweight Speakman engineered plastic makes this product durable and easy to use.

This Speakman VS-3014 shower head comes with a nice and sturdy hose too.

It offers you great flexibility.

So next time you won’t have to fight to get the shower at your desired position while you are in the bathtub.

With kids jumping all around the house, it is difficult to control them while you help them with taking the bath.

This hose allows you to treat them with nice shower with decent coverage area.

Next, I’d like to show you…

Other Aspects That People Love About This Product

The smooth, circular frame effortlessly combines both modern and traditional designs.

The chrome finishing makes it go well with your bathroom’s décor.

It offers 2.5 gpm flow control.

Self-cleaning nozzles offer consistent powerful spray performance even under low water pressure.

Its quite ergonomically designed.

Every curve and every inch is made in such a way that it fits very well in the hands.

And you don’t feel much of discomfort, since this one is a high pressure handheld shower head.

Notable Features

  • Handheld shower head with hose and mounting bracket for ultimate flexibility
  • Features Anystream technology to allow you to easily transition between multiple spray patterns
  • Equipped with five adjustable spray jets with 12 center massage sprays
  • Produce 52 full coverage streams.
  • Available in polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes.

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Want to know what other customers have to say about this device? Then keep on reading…

Customer Reviews

The main concern that a lot of customers had was about the material.

But turns out, most customers end up using it for many years.

So that says it all.

I would like to clear one more thing here. The inside is of course of premium plastic, but the outside is dipped in steel.

So if you can’t relate with the plastic, let me also tell you that plastic used is the lightweight Speakman engineered plastic.

This one fits standard U.S. plumbing connections.

So, that leads to the…


All in all, I highly recommend you pick this shower head up especially with this very good deal!

It’s hard to find anything better than that.

The Caspian Anystream handheld shower head is designed to deliver you the complete luxury shower experience, like you get in hotels.

Versatile and powerful spray patterns fits the need of every household.

It is engineered to be easily installed in just minutes. Simply attach the included mounting arm bracket directly to your existing shower arm and attach the shower hose to the installed arm bracket

Now connect the opposing end to your Caspian Handheld Shower Head and you are done.

Enjoy your hotel like happy experience. Stay happy!