Top 15 Websites About Bathroom Design to Follow This Year

If you are looking for inspiration to help you tackle an upcoming bathroom remodel project, or just love nothing more than daydreaming about your dream bathroom space by looking at some of the gorgeous bathrooms other people get to experience every day, you’re going to want to start keeping an eye on the top 15 blogs about bathroom design we are sharing below.


Maybe the most popular blog and website that showcases interior design on the planet, this is going to be your go to resource for absolutely everything that has to do with bathroom design – or any other room in your house, for that matter.

On top of all of the awesome blog content that they publish regularly, you’re going to be able to enjoy great prices on some of the most amazing home decor products are available – all on sale in their marketplace.


This website and blog focuses almost entirely on the future of interior design, really trying to project forward to understand what the hottest design trends are going to be in the bathroom and beyond in the years to come.

If you want to be able to make sure that you are bathroom is very much in line with future styles, and never looks dated, you’re going to want to focus on all of the content that they publish here.

Uniform Design

This blog has always been one of the most influential in the world of bathroom design and remodeling. Both of the people behind this blog have a long and glorious career in the world of bathroom remodeling, decorating, and designing, and they not only include information about new design trends but also how to information and more details that most people are on the hunt for.

Consistently ranked as one of the best blogs as far as bathroom design is concerned, you’ll want to make sure that you bookmark this website.

Mosaik Design & Remodeling

This Portland-based home remodeling company has published some of the best information about bathroom remodeling and design available on the Internet, and they show absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

This is knock it out of the park information, with almost all of their posts very heavy on images and videos so that you get the chance to see their work up close and personal. This is amazing stuff!

Retro Renovation

If you aren’t exactly excited about modern design or style in the bathroom, and would instead love nothing more than to see what bathrooms looked like in the past – or how to recapture that vintage style with a modern twist – this blog is going to be right up your alley. This is the kind of photo heavy blog you’re going to want to visit time after time, and it’s like stepping back into the past to get a glimpse at what bathrooms looked like throughout history.

Home Design Lover

This blog really focuses on splitting its information evenly between design posts that show off of amazing work all over the world and tips and trick style guides that give homeowners and professionals alike the kind of info they need to pull off similar projects.

A lot of the content here is geared towards homeowners that are going to try and tackle bathroom remodel projects all on their own. If that sounds like something that you’re interested in, this is going to be a blog that you really want to zero in on. Even if it isn’t, you’ll still want to check it out for inspiration!

Mr. Dino’s Baths

This company is based out of Denver and is responsible for producing some of the most dropdead gorgeous bathroom designs we’ve ever seen. They showcase a lot of the work that they have successfully performed in the past on their blog, but they also share a lot of industry information that you simply wouldn’t have been able to get your hands on unless you were also in the business.

Homeowners are going to get a lot inspiration out of this blog, and there is real value in checking back every few weeks to see what else is new.

Design Milk

Not entirely a bathroom blog alone, the overwhelming majority of content that this website publishes does have to do with bathroom spaces and bathroom design – though they also dabble in pretty much everything else that has to do with the world of interior design and architecture.

One of the reasons that this website is so influential is that (unlike so many others) they have absolutely nothing to sell directly. This makes their information unbiased and untainted by marketing or advertising efforts, turning them into a go to resource you’re going to be able to trust for their honest and unvarnished opinion.


The online site and blog for legendary interior design magazine Dwell, this website is going to extend and build off of the foundation that the magazine has established. You’ll be able to get a lot more information about the featured articles that they publish every month, but you’re also going to be able to get a lot of information that never would have made it into the magazine strictly because of time, space, and printing constraints.

Their multimedia section is one of the most expansive, and as far as inspiration is concerned, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Design Sponge

A design blog run out of Brooklyn, it is updated very, very regularly – we’re talking about up to 10 times a day!

The New York Times considers this magazine to be “Martha Stewart Living for Millennials”, and that isn’t a moniker that they have given lightly. This is an interior design and bathroom space blog that you are going to want to check out on a daily basis – if not more frequently than that!


If you are in the design or decoration industry the odds are pretty good that you visit this website on a regular basis just because of how influential it is in the business. The design tips and tricks that they offer here for bathrooms are unique and top-notch, and implementing even just a handful of them into your bathroom spaces can take things to entirely new levels.

Arch Daily

A relative newcomer in the world of bathroom design blogs, this is a website that helps connect architects to interior designers and decorators to build the kind of beneficial mutual relationships both of these industries depend upon. At the same time, it has become a killer blog/portfolio site and resource for those that are looking for inspiration.

Apartment Therapy

The overwhelming majority of content published on this blog has to do with (surprise, surprise) apartments and the bathrooms in these smaller spaces. If you live in or own an apartment or apartments, you’re going to want to check out all of the cool tips and tricks that they share on a daily basis.


The ultimate in design inspiration, the woman behind this website is a bestselling author, journalist, and almost legendary interior designer and decorator – the kind of content curator you’re going to be able to trust right out of the gate to provide you with amazing information and ideas about how to build and design a better bathroom space.


This website doesn’t just focus on one small corner of the bathroom decoration world, but instead the entire design world in general. You’re going to find a lot of great content from designers and decorators from all over the planet, giving you inspiration, tips, and tricks that you wouldn’t have come across any other way.

Wrapping up

You now have more than enough websites and resources to comb over for 2016 (and beyond), and basically everything you need to cure your insatiable need to check out everything that the world of bathroom designs has to offer.

If you’re looking to overhaul your bathroom, or just want to get a dream, these are the websites that you’re going to want to visit on a daily basis!