Top 5 Benefits of Using Shower Head Filters You Might Not Know

A shower-head filter is a type of filter that purifies water coming from the shower. A few years ago, it was only used by people who were too conscious about their skin and hair. But presently it is being used by many others as well for several reasons. If you are a person who is of the opinion that filters should only be used for purifying drinking water and installing them for shower-heads is wastage of resources, let us tell you about the benefits of shower-head filter which you never thought about…

  • Killing Bacteria: There are different types of bacteria residing in the shower-heads which might make you fall sick. No matter how much you clean the exterior of the shower-heads, you can’t do anything to these bacteria. There may be millions of disease-causing micro-organisms including carcinogenic bacteria which will rain down upon you while you are having a lathery shower with the intention of washing off all the dirt and germs from your body. Shower-head filters help you to get rid of these bacteria and enjoy a flow of pure, clean water.
  • Harmful effects of Chlorine on skin and hair:- Water often has chlorine dissolved in it for the purpose of purification. But such water is not at all good for your skin and hair. It removes all the moisture from your skin and makes your scalp dry and hairs frizzy. Signs of ageing develop faster with the usage of such water. So, it is always better to use filtered water for bathing so that you can look younger and better without having to invest on ageing treatments.
  •  Absorption of chlorine into the body:- Chlorine used for disinfecting the water forms harmful bi-products such as alka tri-methanes which are harmful for living beings. As you use such water to cleanse yourself, it gets absorbed into the body by the skin pores. Also, when you take those longer shower-baths, you inhale a lot of chlorine. This is equally harmful.
  • Development of Asthma in Children:- The harmful chlorine vapors in the water may affect the epithelial tissues of children and even cause juvenile asthma in them.
  • Reduction in water pressure:- It is often found that sediments and pollutants clog the shower-heads and obstruct the flow of water from the shower. With passage of time, accumulation of a large amount of minerals and chemicals may result in reduced water flow. People do not like a shower-bath where the water has a very low force. Also, in case of LED showers, the LEDs may stop glowing as a result of this. This is because electricity is supplied to the LEDs by the force of running water. So, if the force of water is reduced, the LEDs stop glowing.

The above reasons make it not only necessary but essential for you to use shower-head filters. The consequences of bathing in unfiltered water, as you can understand, are detrimental to your health. So, go and get a filter for your shower-head today!