Top 7 Advanced Shower Heads That Will Make You Love Showering More

If you want a good shower like all of us do then you must know something about the features and functioning of modern showerheads.

Essentially a showerhead is installed so that you get the best bathing experience. In order to understand what sort of technology has gone into its making you must have to go through the top 7 brands of showerheads. Depending upon the temperature in the region where you reside showerheads are available in the widest range possible. Yet only a few stand out as the best due to the showering experience you get out of them.

Truly the very best!

(1) Speakman S – 2005 HB

You will find the Speakman S- 2005 HB on the top of the list here as it gives a great personalized experience when you are beneath it. It primarily features the Anystream 360 technology and the same is found in all its brands. You will find that the showerhead has 5 adjustable jets which are all superb. There are 50 individual stream outlets as well as 8 pulsating massage sprays.

(2) AKDY AZ 6021 Rain Style

Although the whole body of this shower head is made of plastic it doesn’t look cheap, but exhibits a class of its own. It has chrome finish and is really the true rain style model around as it can create the rainfall experience. In order to adjust the shower angle all you need to do is to use the swivel adapter.

(3) Moen S 6320 Velocity Shower Head

This one in some cases may exceed expectations when in use and for some people it looks better with chrome finish than the AKDY AZ 6021. The uniqueness of the showerhead is that it uses Immersion technology that enables the water to magnify several times and concentrate even more. Yet you actually do not use so much water and the rate of flow is 2.5 gpm.

(4) Hans grohe 27474001

It is slightly expensive than the above models or otherwise it could have been on the top of the list. Yet it is real class. This particular showerhead has a large diameter which gives larger spray area coverage. Both the design and the Air Power technology make this showerhead a unique thing altogether and has great lasting effect when you take bath.

(5) H20 Vibe Rain Shower Head Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This has technology for Bluetooth operation as well as full rain experience. You may easily enable your device up to 33 feet from where the showerhead is situated. There is a small Bluetooth Speaker or microphone fitted into the showerhead.

(6) Thunderhead TH 2.5 Shower Head

This showerhead provides tremendous spray power with its 90 spray jets. The large diameter also gives you a lot of coverage.

(7) Vida Alegria Spashower 5 + High Pressure Hotel

This is the size used in star hotels and has the most modern head that gives you fantastic rinse, pulsating massage, drizzle and rain in full force. Yet it doesn’t consume that much of water too.