Waterpik DSL 653 Twin Turbo Handheld Shower Head Review

ctaI think taking shower is most fun of the day.

Sometimes it is the only time of the day when we are acting as our real self without pretending or taking care of anything.

For some people it is the time to think and reflect upon oneself.

It becomes a torture if the shower equipment is not working properly.

This shower head recommended by Waterpik DSL 653 review is best to make your shower time, the most fun filled time as well as most productive time of the day.

This shower head is unique in its functionality and durability.

Features to Long Last

The features of this shower head makes it stand out.

The most liked feature is its flexible nature, it is hand held with a flexible and fancy pipe attached to it.

It can add to your fun, if you sing while taking a shower it can act as mic.

Apart from the fun part it has the best functionality in terms of water throwing.

If you want shower to through water in spiral form, you can just adjust the head.

There are many options in this shower head including Twin massage, Full-body, Power spray, Twin massage & Power spray, Advanced mist and Water-saving mist.

The out of the box design helps it do make you relax but also gives you an opportunity to save the precious resource of water.

It is the only product in the market which is manufactured keeping in view the future of water in relation to it scarcity.

Moreover, it includes 5 foot hose and installs in minutes to give customized shower experience.

If you install this shower head you will never ever face the water flow problems as it has Opti Flow technology which can improve the water force up to 30% even if there are low water pressures.

The worst problem which appear in almost all shower heads is clogging of nozzles due to salt deposit.

This product has anti clog nozzles which are the permanent solution to this problem.

Once you buy this shower head, you will not have to find a new one for a very long time.

This feature has made it one of the most durable products in the market.


There is apparently no problem with the hose but on insistence of some customers, the quality of hose has been upgraded.

Furthermore, the problem of hose breaking can be avoided if special instructions on the instruction manual are followed.

It looks lighter in weight and some people doubt it for lighter quality, believe me it is intentionally made lighter in weight so that you can carry it with ease for longer period of time.

Secondly lighter is better to save oneself from injury, in case it just slips from your hand.


Don’t wait and just grab the shower to get the best customized shower experience of your life time.

This product can all your problems related to low water pressure in just seconds.