Waterpik JP-140 Chrome Rainfall Showerhead with Adjustable Arm Review

ctaRedoing your bathroom can get a little pricey, especially if you love the finer things life has to offer.

One of the key things in making a bathroom comfy, for me, is water pressure when taking a shower.

After 4 oh-so average shower heads, I have found a brand that was not only cost-effective but given the current bathroom situation (shower is a little cramped), it made sense to purchase the Waterpik JP – 140.

I’m not one to review stuff but if I’m super excited about something, I like sharing my views.

And in this review, I will share with you why I think this showerhead is an excellent buy.

Water Pressure

I love the water pressure.

We have an older plumbing system.

Not to sound ungrateful because some people have no bathroom or home for that matter, it seemed like the pressure was throttled most of the time.

We had 2 of the plumbers in to review the current system and they were told we needed to replace all the pipes before the pressure would improve.

I think I am going to give those guys a call!

Adjustable Arm

My sister and I have a difference about 5 inches in height.

It’s great for us.

Because we can adjust the arm to suit our individual needs whereas before I had to crouch somewhat – our pipe ends off at collarbone level for me so washing my hair was not a pleasurable experience.

Nice Surface Area

Fantastic feeling and coupled with the water pressure, it is absolutely heaven.

I am an eco-conservationist so efficiency is a must for me.

I am done in a few minutes and feel like I have been in there for hours.

No Plumber Needed

Yup you read it here, I am mostly thumbs at DIY stuff but this was easy to self-install and in record time too.

You never think about what it costs to install an item when purchasing it and later on we find out the “downside”.

We saved money on the item but installing the item was 3x the cost!


It’s fantastically priced (I am guessing because it’s part plastic but that should not bother you as it does the job)

A Small Note

The joint may wear out earlier depending on how much you move the shower head itself so do not yank or jerk it (be respectful).

And if something happens, take advantage of your warranty.

I had mine replaced in a flash, no problem since then so I am guessing it was a factory default.

It’s also part plastic so if you need 100% chrome or stainless steel (they do tend to last longer), this is not for you.


I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

It looks expensive (if you are inclined to want expensive-looking items / show and tell for the guests) but is priced within an affordable range.

It works like a dream and you are getting way more than you paid for – amazing shower head.

Get yours now if you want to start enjoying shower time again.

I know I do!