Waterpik LZR-453 PowerSpray+ 2 in 1 Shower System Review

ctaAfter using the Waterpik “PowerSpray+” 2 in 1 Shower System TRS-523/LZR-453 in my bathroom I thought I should share its great features with you.

Because it would certainly be a bad option if you risk not trying it at all.

For sure it is worth your money.

Let me quickly jot down only a few features for you below to give a nippy idea about how it fits the purpose.

2 in 1 Shower System

The best and the most likeable part about this shower is its dual shower system.

Whereby you can use the head shower and the hand held at the same time.

This feature is unusual because in majority of other showers if you go on to use one the other goes to sleep.

However, with this piece you can utilize both simultaneously and enjoy extremely awesome flow of water all over you.

The hand held with its revolving holder makes it unique by increasing its utility to a great extent.

The handheld rests in its holder that is higher up to its counterpart stationary holder.

If you tilt it back it will spray more into the shower and then give you an experience of the dual excitement.

For me, it was the first experience to use such a thing or even to see for that matter.

However, it feels awesome to actually have it in your bathroom.

Furthermore, the water flow is very smooth and soft.

The flow can therefore be increased significantly by removing the inner ring.

But being in place even, it works pretty amazingly.

And you still enjoy bathing with full satisfaction.


Another amazing feature of the product is its hand held holder that is located at a ceiling.

This is so special for people with tall heights.

Moreover, the handheld can tilt to multiple directions like backwards, forwards and below to my great surprise.

By tilting it forward, you can have more water spray that will come down straight on you.

Bath experience is exceptional with this because the product is unique in its kind.

And it is very rare to find such a piece of mastery.


The installation goes well enough too.

The tools are easily adjustable provided that you follow the given instructions.

It takes hardly a few minutes to see it fixed in your bathroom.

Small Drawback

Only at times, you may feel that the pressure is not as fast as you might have expected.

Because the rain shower is quite soft and silky.

The pressure is usually not too powerful which to me was good enough but many people might like to have a powerful one though.

Despite of this, it is not that bad at all.

You can always improve the speed and the pressure by removing the ring inside the shower but this will decrease its life and quality before time.


Do not wait to have better than this.

You can only fancy having anything more trustworthy and reliable than this.

Grab your piece now and experience the fun with the dual functioning shower head.