Waterpik NKV-753 Showerhead Hand Held Chrome 7-Mode Review

ctaEvery morning when I used to shower I used to find new problem with the shower until I read Waterpik NKV-753 review and bought the product.

The shower head can be called the heart of the bathroom and this product serves its role in best possible manner.

This is a cost effective solution to all the shower problems which you face every day.

Shower problems like low flow irritate us the most, this light weight product has defeated all the problems through its best quality and vibrant design.

The silver chrome design gives the shower room most modern look.

Features That Make it Stand Out

The basic feature is its light weight.

Most shower heads are very heavy and thus comes with two drawbacks i.e. fall hazard as it may fall and injure you in case it slips and hits the body.

The other part is the difficulty to handle when one is applying soap or shampoo.

This shower head has dealt with these two problems by using plastic as only material.

The light weight makes it easy to handle.

The elegance is added to the design by using the chrome exterior which looks like metal makes the shower head stand out.

The sleek design is so neat that it is difficult to judge if it’s plastic or metal.

The use of plastic as a raw material has solved another problem, i.e. the problem of rust.

As the environment of bathroom is always moist, metal shower heads needs to be changed after every few days but this modern shower head is rust proof.

This feature has increased its durability many folds.

The fact that rusting would not create problem, it will also save other things like taps to be destroyed from rust as rust spreads from the shower head to related parts.

If your shower head needs changing but other parts of your shower system are working fine, you can just replace this shower head without any worry.

It may be made up of plastic but its measurements allow it to be used with any system.

Small Drawbacks

Contrary to the fact that people think that plastic breaks, I think plastic is more durable and can be trusted to save money.

Moreover, the chrome paint on plastic is said to be eroding after few months of use.

This problem can be solved by constant cleaning and if the product is functional, you can bring the chrome paint and do a coat or two to give it a new look.

The measurements of this shower head are standard and thus will not create any problem while being fitted to the old system.


I liked the product so much that, I managed to change all shower heads of my home.

I think it is wise to take advantage of this cool offer immediately.

Don’t wait for the right time or your shower head to get faults.

Just change it and enjoy the results for your whole life.