Waterpik Power Spray Plus Hand-Held Shower Head With 12 Settings Review

ctaWaterpik Power spray with a hand-held shower head provides an uplifting experience with twelve different spray settings.

This Waterpik powerspray plus 12 review will give you a closer insight of this well-designed invigorating showerhead.

With this product, you have the sole responsibility to choose the power of spray in any of the settings and this makes it an ideal product you must have in your home.

Basic Features

The enhanced strength of this Waterpik product is due to the hybrid power dial which allows you to fully customize your spray by adjusting the shower setting.

The dial consists of the full power, the Eco-Flow, and the water-saving trickle.

Full power has been optimized to rejuvenate the spray power and this provides a faster and dense downpour ideal for fast services.

Eco flow maximizes performance by utilizing the least water possible.

This is ideal for most moderate shower experience since it is efficient and economical at the same time.

By moving the hybrid power dial to the water-saving trickle, you will be using the least spray density and speed possible.

This spray setting is ideal while doing a shave, lather or shampoo.

OptiFlow is behind all the water force mechanism that keeps the Waterpik showerhead working at its optimum level.

OptiFlow improves up to an equivalent 30% even in low water pressures and this makes it more efficient in channeling water.

The hand shower has a stylish chrome finish with a hidden pivot ball.

A five-foot stainless steel hose ensures efficient water conveyance in the right pressure.

You can also use the five-foot hose while you are some distance from the water source.

Benefits of Using This Product

Installing the Waterpik showerhead is quite simple and takes a couple of minutes.

Once the showerhead has been installed, you are set to experience the power behind the fully-designed showerhead.

Here you can feel the diversified settings and choose the best that can suit your taste.

No tools are required to mount this product, a leak or drip free installation is also guaranteed and this confirms the competent high-quality services this product has to offer.

Small Drawback

Waterpik Power spray showerhead with its 12 different types of settings can be wasteful in terms of water usage if the person operating is not keen enough to choose the best setting.

Unlike other showerheads models that have only four or two settings, twelve may be challenging and the procedure itself may be uneconomical.

However, twelve provides more options than four, and this, on the other hand, is an advantage.


Spray settings in your bathroom should be diversified enough for a full shower experience.

Having the Waterpik power spray in your household is a perfect solution to many of your needs.

Get this wonderful product today and experience the exemplary service that your future self will thank you for.