Waterpik RPB 173 Shower Head Review


We all want to stand on our own two feet. Don’t we?

Yes we do. Everything in life should be powered by us. You should have that driving force.

Where does that force come from? Well the answer is within you.

If you want to get on to that challenge taking mode, you need to be fresh. Plus, you want to be independent.

Well, this Waterpik RPB 173 shower head does so for you.

And in this short review, I will show you why you should pay attention to this special product!

Now, let’s fix it on your own and went on a journey to explore calmness and relaxation.

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People Recommended This Product Because of These Reasons

This high-style shower head offers an affordable way to give a new life to your bathroom.

It comes with a removable flow regulator and advanced OptiFlow technology.

The OptiFlow technology assures of uncompromising performance and design standard.

Waterpik products with OptiFlow technology are known to provide more force than other shower heads, even at low water pressures.

And you can also select moving from a variety of settings, from full-body power spray to drenching rain shower or pulsating rain shower.

Its 6-inch size of the shower head creates a gentle drenching rainfall experience with full body spray coverage.

Style Marries Comfort

This also comes with an adjustable designer arm which positions water flow directly overhead or at a particular angle.

Classic chrome finish proves to be icing on the cake.

Lifetime warranty too.


I am its fan already!

So basically, you can make every shower a luxurious spa-like experience that suits your every need.

Installation is not a hassle in this case. Because installation can be done in minutes.

Other Notable Features

  • Has a removable flow regulator with advanced OptiFlow technology.
  • Offers full body spray coverage.
  • Adjustable designer arm positions water flow directly overhead or at an angle.
  • 6-inch round shower head.
  • Lifetime warranty

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Customers’ reviews

You should choose a thing for your house for which you get eager to go to home from work.

Well, this one has done that to many customers.

People wait to stand below it and switch their mood from tired to happy!

The only tool you’ll need is pliers to remove old shower head. That’s what we hear from customer’s side.

If your goal is to get drenched, then its six-inch wide head and dozens of firm but not stinging streams, succeeds marvelously.

Its not very popular for its massaging properties, but still you can have best of both the worlds.


This impressive combination of performance and design comes at an affordable price.

Especially when compared to what you usually get in the market.

There is also no need of plumber to install this! Another saving.

The freedom of positioning it is best of all.

You will also like the articulation of the arm which allows a lot of movement.

So don’t worry.

As said in the beginning too. Let’s stand on our own two feet (especially under this shower head)!