Waterpik SM-451 Original 4-Mode Massage Handheld Shower Head Review

ctaAre you bored of your old shower head with one single spray setting?

Are you on a budget and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a new, fancy shower head?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, the Waterpik SM-451 is the perfect shower head for you.

Read the review of this great shower head below to find out more information.

Easy Installation

Are you a person that is not really hands-on?

I know I’m not!

Installing this shower piece was seamless and effortless.

It was very easy and took me less than ten minutes to get up and running.

The package comes complete with the hose, shower arm bracket, and the complete mounting hardware.

I did not need to use any additional hardware or the tools to install this thing!

Four Spray Settings

This product has not just one but three additional spray settings to top the original one, giving you a total of four options to choose from.

Each of the four spray settings serves a different purpose.

The different settings are: pulsating spray massage, turbo pulse massage, spray-pulse combination, and soothing body spray.

I love using the turbo pulse massage setting first the thing in the morning before going in to work.

It leaves me invigorated and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

The pulsating spray massage is my go-to after a long day as it sprays your body with such an intensity that makes your aching muscles always feel relaxed.

6-Foot Power Hose

While most standard shower heads come with the four or five-foot hoses, this one tops them all with its elongated 6-foot power hose.

This longer hose is very convenient if you need to take the shower head off of its bracket and give your child or pet a bath without making a huge mess.

With my old, shorter hose I always had to spray from a distance when giving my three-year-old a bath.

This always led to the inevitable splashing and soaking of the entire bathroom.

Who knew that an additional foot of the length could make such a difference?

One Minor Drawback

The only minus that I found in this product is the stiffness of the hose.

It does not seem to hang freely and is somewhat rigid.

Thankfully, the 6-foot hose solved this issue for me.

The extra length allowed me to move around freely without having to worry about the inflexibility of the hose itself.

This would have been more of an issue with shorter hoses that had already seem inflexible as is.

If this issue is really bothersome to you, you can easily replace the hose.

It did not bother me, however, as the long hose made up for it.


If you are on the market for an affordable, multi-dimensional shower head then look no more.

This product is great and can give you a bang for your buck.

It is very easy to install, has four spray settings that will suit the needs of any individual, and comes with a long hose to minimize messes made in your bathroom.

Purchase this product today and feel a world of a difference!