Waterpik TRS-523/553 Combination Showerhead Review

ctaDo you ever look forward to taking a shower every morning?

That may seem like an odd question, but if you have the Waterpik TRS-523-553 shower piece you would know where I am coming from.

This product took my showering experience to the next level.

Little did I know that a shower piece can have so many unique features!

And I will share what I like about this little beast with my review today.

Easy Installation

Let me begin with the first thing I did when I purchased this product.

The installation was seamless and the most very easy.

Setting this thing up did not require the expertise of a handyman, I was actually able to do it myself!

That says a lot given that I am the least hands-on person I know.

It took me less than ten minutes to install this shower piece and have it up and running.

2-Way Diverter

I knew that I have had enough of my old showerhead when I constantly had to keep changing its position.

I could never find the sweet spot where I could get the water spraying my entire body.

The 2-way diverter on this shower piece actually solved that issue for me.

The fact that this product has two showerheads that I can switch back and forth between means that I can finally get that sweet spot!

I have one of them pointing downward for my head and the other pointed at a slightly higher angle for my body.

Gone are the days when my showerhead kept falling from the constant twisting and turning for adjustment!

Anti-Clog Nozzles

Another thing I love about this product is the fact that the nozzles are anti-clog.

Does your showerhead have nozzles that are there for nothing and do not spray any water?

That simply does not happen with this shower piece since all of the nozzles are always functioning.

You get the most out of the entire piece; the area where water is being sprayed is maximized for the best showering experience!

Small Drawback

One drawback that I found in this product is its relatively short hose.

I am a taller person so it is sometimes more difficult for me to move the showerhead around if I need to take it off of its base.

I found a way around this, however, because the 2-way diverter solves this issue.

When I realized that both showerheads can be turned on at once I therefore never had to remove the showerhead from its base again!

If you are someone that absolutely must remove the showerhead and then hold it in your hand during a shower, the hose can be replaced with a longer one.


Overall, I think this product is amazing!

The installation process is intuitive and can be done by the average person.

The 2-way diverter is a game changer and completely enhanced my showering experience.

All the nozzles work and never get clogged thanks to the anti-clog feature.

Not to mention how elegant and sleek the showerhead looks.

Purchase this product today and you will not regret and you will wish you have made the change to an upgraded showerhead sooner!