Waterpik TRS 553 Shower Head Review

Elegance at its best.

The make can make your jaw drop.

The curves can make your eye balls pop out.

Heads will turn when they will hear the name – Waterpik.

Yes. After a short buildup, it’s time for me to reveal to you that I am talking about this Waterpik TRS-553 handheld shower head.

It is the next best thing after you that your bathroom needs now.

And in this short review, I will show you the truth.

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Many Customers Recommend This Showering Device

First, let’s talk about advancement.

The OptiFlow technology provides advanced high pressure and full body spray.

Due to this advanced technology, the water force increases up to 30%.

So this one assures you of consistent performance.

Waterpik shower heads with OptiFlow technology are known to provide more force than other shower heads, even at low water pressures.

It is a PowerSpray+ shower head which delivers an amazing and versatile shower experience.

With 5 refreshing spray settings like relaxing, full-body spray to high-pressure or pulsating massage, this bad boy will surely make you stay under the shower!

Fall in Love Right From the First Look?

It’s true.

This product offers a sleek and stylish design which is not often seen in other shower heads.

Chrome finishing beautifies it even more and gives new contemporary style to the shower.

The curves given to the body steal the show. I would say, this one is perfectly and ergonomically designed.

Metal face with anti-clog nozzles won’t let this shower head become a pain in your head.

You can rub clean nozzles for easy care.

All it asks for is a little bit of attention, which you can’t really avoid. That’s it.

Hassle free installation with no assembly required. Great!

Quick Look at Other Features

  • Advanced OptiFlow high pressure
  • Full body spray
  • Advanced OptiFlow technology provides up to 30-percent more water force
  • New contemporary style
  • Easy installation with no assembly required

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Customer Reviews

The one main reason people bought this shower head for was because of the price.

I mean why pay heavy price when you can get style and luxury at an affordable amount.

The second hot reason among customers to buy this is the hand held capabilities that it has.

And the third favorite thing among customers is the elegance that comes with its looks. The cord is nice and long.

All in all

There are shower heads and then there are complete shower heads.

Not to forget the style element this shower head has.

This one has everything that you can ask for.

Style? check.

Looks? With complete chrome finishing, perfect!

Performance? Well you have OptiFlow technology and different spray settings.

Maintenance? Aren’t you asking for a lot? Well no! All you need to do is rub clean nozzles for easy care.

See the way every thing has been kept in mind and inculcated to give you the best experience everyday.

Showers are meant to relax and soothe you. Pay for it once and forget everything. This one time small investment calls for you!

Have a happy shower experience!