Waterpik VAT-343 Power Spray Hand Held Showerhead Review

ctaI bought an apartment a few months ago, the place was a mess and the bathroom needed a complete makeover.

Since I’d already spent a good sum I didn’t have too much money to spend on expensive finishes for the time being.

I ordered the Waterpik Vat – 343 because I have 2 at home and I needed something reliable but cost-effective at the same time.

It’s a good-looking, smartly finished model too so that helps with aesthetics.

I recommend the model based on 4 points.

Easy Installation

I’ve tried to do most of the manual work around the apartment so I can save money.

I have installed 2 of these in my home and 1 in my let out apartment, simple and installs in minutes…literally 4 minutes.

If you don’t think you can, check out their official website.

They have a video for easy installation.

Adjustable Settings / Positions

The package says 3 settings, my opinion it’s 2 main settings and a mix between the 2 providing the 3rd.

The EasySelect spray settings make changing between each setting a breeze.

The massage setting is relaxing, especially after a long day.

Like the “Full body” mode does the job and invigorates you.

One thing I especially like is the massage pressure setting does not “stab” you in the back or chest like some of the other brands I’ve had before.

The shower head provides a good balance between water pressure and flow rate.

My kids love holding the shower head which makes bathing fun for them instead of the usual moans and agonizing shrieks during bath time.

What can i say kids love dirt but give them a fun water tool and they have no loyalty to the former…

OptiFlow Technology

The shower head has a 2.5 gallons per minute water-saving effect as well which is great savings for your pocket regarding water and heat utility bills in this economy (5 people in this family so this is a lifesaver for us).

Our guest shower / spare bathroom at home has a medium outflow.

But this shower head manages to spread water evenly which is very fantastic as i did not want to replace the entire system in my guest bathroom.

A Small Drawback

A warning, if you’re heavy-handed, get someone else to install it for you.

While not flimsy, it’s a tad delicate so be gentle and don’t use excessive force when tightening the connectors.


I picked a brand and the model I trust, regardless of what you read up the only way to know for sure is to experience the shower head for yourself.

If a product is well priced, efficient and has a good customer support with a warranty, that’s pretty much 3 out of 3 which is a good deal in my eyes.

Try it for yourself, you won’t regret your choice.