Waterpik VBE-453 Eco Flow Hand Held Shower Head Review

ctaI recently moved apartments and my new shower didn’t contain a handheld model.

Since I’m renting this place I didn’t want to make too many expensive changes that I would not be refunded for when I eventually buy my own home.

The Waterpik EcoFlow VBE – 453 was recommended to me by my neighbor (her husband is wheelchair bound) and so far, so good.

I recommend it for the following reasons:


Effective, efficient and helping to save the planet one shower at a time!

We’ve had too many drought seasons the last few years and, if I’m being frank, all over the globe.

If you live on planet earth, you know that oil is scarce, gas is scarce and water has now become a precious commodity.

This model has eco-flow (OPTI – flow) technology making it a winner in my eyes.

I like (and appreciate) the water pressure as well, around 1.5 gallons per minutes, with the low flow setting around 0.5 gallons per minute.

Adjustable Settings

The packing states 3 settings, technically it’s 2 and a half i.e in between one setting and another but since I like both I can not complain.


No one hates clogged shower heads more than me, I’m happy to report that after 7 months of use it hasn’t clogged once, cleaning is also a breeze.


It’s super competitive when it comes to pricing.

It’s not a hi-tech shower head model but it’s reliable and water-efficient which is great i.e many other brands out there along the same price without the water-saving benefit.


I do not have too many tools (I’m a vegan chef and my tools live in the kitchen haha) so I’m happy I could do this on my own, no need to call in the cavalry aka brother or a plumber.

Two-fold savings make my purse happy.


It’s not heavy at all.

In my profession I’m dicing and chopping all day.

The wrists do take heavy strain so when I picked this model, I was happy to note there are no strains on my wrists after months of use.

I was expecting twinges here and there, especially after a long day at work, but so far, nothing.

This is really good stuff!

Small Drawback

The water pause function might not be what you are expecting.

I do not really use it so I don’t have anything to complain about, but I thought I should mention it since it’s on the packaging.

What’s Next?

I’m pretty happy with my purchase, it looks well made even though it’s constructed from plastic and rubber.

I do not know why the other reviewers seemed displeased. People have to understand that price is equivalent to value.

If you’re buying a sports car, the particular brand and model makes a difference.

Nissan, Mazda etc are good brands but their sporty cars are not comparable with a Ferrari or Mustang and neither is their price.

I’m not saying they’re not good cars, I’m saying that for those particular models at their particular prices, they are good cars.

So too with the shower head, the benefits (cost-effective and water saving features) far outweigh whatever downside you might find.

A good bargain and pleased customer.