What are Bathroom Sinks Made of

There are several unique types of bathroom sinks components to choose from, but individual styles are sold and installed more frequently than others. Top-mount and vessel sinks are most commonly found in bathrooms, although other styles are often installed as well.

Top-mount sinks are often referred to as self-rimming sinks. Sinks in this category feature ample counter top space, making them convenient for storage and decoration. During top-mount sink installation, a cutter, such as a jigsaw, is used to mold out large holes that are the same size as the sink that is to be mounted. The cutters are selected based on the material from which the self-rimming sinks are created. The sinks are then placed in the holes, suspended by their rim, which forms a tight seal with the surrounding counter top.

Bottom-mount or under-mount sinks also provide a fair amount of counter top space, which can be crucial to some homeowners. Their appearance is somehow similar to that of top mount sinks, but they differ a little bit in construction, as they are mounted below the counter instead of sealing on level with the counter-top. Since the counter’s edge of a bottom-mount sink is exposed, it must be given a smooth finish. This enhanced counter finish allows for a more contemporary appearance, but it also results in higher cost and increased difficulty during installation.

Vessel sinks are mounted on top of surfaces, making them free-standing and exposed on all sides. As such, they are more decorative than other styles of bathroom sinks but do not provide as much counter-top space for the user. Still, they are quite popular in bathrooms because they can be constructed from a wide variety of materials and finishes.

Finally, bathroom sink components will depend on factors such as layout and desired appearance. Whether you choose a top-mount, bottom-mount, apron sink or vessel sink, you will want to evaluate whether or not that style will work with your bathroom to maximize space and enhance the bathroom’s overall appearance.