What are Bidet Toilet Seats?

A bidet toilet seat is plumbing fixture that is installed in the toilet. It’s use is to clean the genitalia, anus and the inner buttocks. Although looking very similar to a toilet, the purpose of the toilet bidet is to clean the human body, and thus can be compared to a sink especially if you compare it to the earlier traditional designs. It works by using a jet of water that sprays from the bowl and is aimed at the buttock/anal area.

Advancements in technology have made it possible to have detachable bidets that can be added to a regular toilet seat instead of having a standalone unit. This type of bidet is normally a nozzle that is added to the rim of the existing toilet bowl. They can be mechanical or electric.

Modern bidet designs include a seat warmer, a heating element that blows warm air to dry you off after use, a deodorizer that takes care of bad odors and even a night light that is fitted inside the bowl. All this to ensure that high levels of hygiene are maintained with minimum effort. They don’t use a lot of water and save you a ton of money on toilet paper. On average, a roll of toilet paper consumes about 6 gallons of water to manufacture not to mention the trees that are cut. Electric bidets have been noted to significantly reduce the amount of water spent on faucets.

Bidets were initially not meant to replace the use of toilet paper, but as new designs emerged, we saw the introduction of vertical water jets which could clean the anal area very efficiently, resulting in a high degree of hygiene. With their ease of use, bidets have been particularly beneficial to the ageing community and pregnant women who may not achieve a similar.