What are Some Reasons to Use a Tankless Water Heater Over a Standard Storage-type Water Heater

There are usually, two kinds of water heaters. They are the “Standard storage type water heaters” and “the tankless water heaters.” There is a burning debate as to which of the two is better. Through this article, we shall see the difference between these two types of heaters as well as look at the advantages and disadvantages in comparison.

The difference:

The storage water heater comprises a storage tank where you would be able to pre-heat the water and use the hot water for your requirements. Once you exhaust the hot water, you will have to heat the water again. The tankless water heater uses an electrical or a heat source for heating up the water enabling you to receive the hot water on demand.

The advantages of the tankless heaters:

• Save money over a period: Government surveys have proved that tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than the storage water heaters.
• Space occupation: You will find that the tankless water heaters do not occupy as much space as the standard ones.
• Longevity: Surveys have shown that a tankless water heater has a life expectancy exceeding 20 years.
• Immediate hot water: You would be able to get your supply of hot water on demand.

The disadvantages of the tankless heaters:

• The high cost of setup: You would have to incur a higher cost for its installation.
• Retrofitting disadvantage: In case you have to replace the standard heater with a tankless one, you incur a high cost for the retrofitting.

The advantages of a standard water heater:

• Low cost of installation: The cost of installing a standard water heater is very low in comparison.
• Low Replacement cost: Replacing a standard water heater is also very inexpensive in comparison.

The disadvantages of a standard water heater:

• Current consumption: This heater uses higher amount of electricity.
• Space constraints: These storage type heaters occupy huge space.
• Short Life: The heating element in these heaters has a lower life expectancy.
• Water storage capacity: Large families would experience this problem. They may have to heat the water repeatedly to ensure that everyone gets their quota of hot water.


On going through the above argument, one can infer that the tankless water heaters are better than the standard storage water heaters.