What is the F.V.I.R Technology for Gas Water Heaters?

You have to take adequate care to protect your treasured home for all kinds of accidents. And F.V.I.R gas heaters are perfect to serve this purpose.

Want to know what is the F.V.I.R technology for gas water heaters?

To protect your home from accidental fires these water heaters were manufactured after 2003. Prior to 2003 the gas water heaters used to have open combustion chambers that enabled the users to use matchstick, to rekindle the pilot which accounted for many mishaps due to accidental fires.

To combat such a dreadful situation and give your home maximum safety and security the Flammable Vapour Ignition Resistant or F.V.I.R. water heaters were manufactured after 2003.

Here I am giving you an insight into the working principle and features of this type of gas heaters:

The working principle of water

The working principle of such water heaters I am penning down here for your easy understanding:

· It has a sealed combustion chamber so to start the water heater you have to use the modern pilot mechanism.

· The combustion chamber has a one-way intake system to control the intake of makeup air.

· In order for the air to travel in a one-way path, the heater equipped with a flame arrestor plate.

· The one-way intake system allows air to enter and pass through the flame arrestor plate and combustion occurs in the combustion chamber that is sealed.

Main features

As per my personal experience, the main features of this type of gas heaters include:

· This very advanced and sophisticated water heater is made up of 304L alloy stainless steel and contains up to eighteen thousand louvers.

· These water heaters maintain a high level of efficiency.

· Provides a long service life.

· Emits very low degree of NOx emissions.

Now that you have a fair idea about the safety principle that F.V.I.R water heaters adhere to and its outstanding features what are you waiting for? I would like to suggest you that in order to give your home the best protection from accidental fires you should hurry and buy this water heater in right earnest.