What is the First Hour Rate and What Does it Mean?

You must have gone through the problem of stabilising a havoc in the family because the water heater you just set up is too small or you just wasted a lot of money by installing a more than sufficient water heater. Well, I personally have faced this problem and guess what?

There is a solution to it, the first hour delivery of the heater. Now, you must be thinking, what is the first hour and what does it mean? Well, I am here to answer your question.

First hour is a very calculated amount of water that your heater can deliver in an hour during its usage. It is a very important to take note of this feature as it can help you set up the right heater for your family.

How to calculate the first hour? 

First hour basically tells you the actual capacity of your heater. You must know that the heater you use does not use up 100% of the water in the tank but uses only 70% of it.

So, to Calculate the first hour during the busiest one hour of the day, I am providing a simple formula for you to follow: (capacity of the tank) X 0.7 + (recovery of water). This will give you the first hour delivery (FHD) of the heater.

Here, we are multiplying the calcify of the tank with 0.7 because the percentage of water used is only 70%. So, for 30 gallons you actually get 21 gallons of hot water, for 40 gallons you get 28 gallons and so on.

However, the shower heads which were installed after the year 1992 has the rate of the flow of water written on it. To determine the amount of water flow in one minute then you need to hold a jug and let it fill with water then divide the number of seconds taken to fill the jar with 60.

If you take out ten minutes to calculate the first-hour delivery then you can save a lot of money and also escape the unnecessary havoc in the family. I have made the right choice calculating the first-hour delivery and you too can do it too by using this trick.