What to Do If Your LED Shower Head is Broken – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

When bucket-bath became boring, man invented shower. Not only did it add to the refreshment factor of a bath but also relieved him of lifting the mug from the bucket in every step.

For people who love to bathe in the rain, this came as a double bonanza. However, with years of usage, there arose the need to add some more spice to this shower bath.

It was then when the LED showers came into the market, giving you the fun and aesthetic feeling of a topical rainbow shower. After a tiring day’s work, get inside your wash-room….turn on the lights…and also the shower. It will refresh your mind and re-energize you.

But what to do if your LED shower is broken?

There are five things to keep in mind:-

  • Identify the problem and decide what to do. If you are ready to spend the bucks on your shower, call the plumber. If your product is under warranty, you can even contact the manufacturing company. They will offer you a replacement or make arrangements for mending it. However, if you think that you can manage on your own, there is no need of calling a plumber. You can execute certain DIY steps to repair it all by yourself.
  • If you have decided to do it by yourself, get hold of a new shower-head. LED shower-heads are not easily available unlike the normal shower-heads. You also need pipe wrench and plumber tape to fix it yourself. Once you have got hold of the stuff, let us see the steps which you should perform to fix it up.
  • First of all, you need to turn off the shower from the faucet since a shower with water running from it will make things more difficult for you. Grease and unscrew the old, broken part with an anti-clockwise motion. You can use a wrench for the purpose. Now, screw in the newer part.
  • Once you are done with it, remove all the existing plumber’s tape from it and use Teflon tapes. Teflon tapes are used to prevent leakage of water. What you need to do is to wrap the tapes in the areas of thread and tighten them so that there are no gaps in between. Tighten the shower head with a wrench.
  • If only the LEDs are broken, you can replace them so that you can fit the new LEDs to the shower. It is better to appoint an electrician for the purpose since proper connections between the LED and the showerhead needs to be made. An LED shower may become dysfunctional due to other reasons like lack of sufficient water pressure. After all, the LED showers operate not with batteries but water-pressure. So, to make the LEDs glow, adequate pressure is required. Don’t mistake it to be a case of broken shower-head or go for a replacement.

A proper knowledge on fixing LED showerheads can save you from expenditure on plumbers and electricians. So, next time your LED shower is broken, try to fix it on your own instead of calling them up.