Why Do Bathroom Sinks Clog

The bathroom is a very sensitive area when it comes to hygiene. Clogging of the bathroom sink can sometimes cause bad smells and accumulation of bacteria which cause infections. To avoid such scenarios, it is always good to understand the reasons as to why this happens. Many people who experience clogging in their sinks actually fall victims of not understanding the reasons behind it. The following are the reasons as to why bathroom sinks clog.

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1. Soap scum

Most of the time, when hard water and soap come into contact, a thick substance, which is white in color is formed. This substance sticks to the sides of the bathroom sink every time you use it. After some time, a significant amount of scum will collect in your sinks drainage system, hence causing water to drain slowly. Scum for the soap will regularly catch foreign substances which will significantly worsen the clog and cause a complete blockage at the end.

2. Hair

Hair contributes so much to clogging of the sink. This is because at least everyone who uses the sink has some hair on the body. Most of the time, hair gets trapped inside the curved pipe section found below the sink. This will cause it to accumulate and eventually form a thick plug which blocks the sink. To prevent this type of clogging, it is advisable to have a drain cover for your sink.

3. Small objects or dirt

When you clean your face, dirt particles from your skin or hair tend to fall off. These particles majorly come from dust and sand. Sometimes small objects such as plastic bottle caps can fall into the drainage system accidentally. A combination of this may cause the bathroom sink to clog. This will only be solved by plumbers, who find ways to extract the objects and clear the dirt.