Why Do Tankless Water Heaters Cost More Than a Tank Water Heater?

Most of you believe that the tankless heater for heating is a better option than a water heater having tank. Even though the former is more efficient than the latter, it also costs more. The cost of water heaters is mainly determined by several factors such as the installation cost, the gallon of water used in the heater, in use efficiency of the tank and so on. Here are some reasons as why a tankless heater costs you more than a traditional one.

Uses electricity or gas

One of the main reasons for the high cost of tankless heaters is the method used to heat water. For instance, in this type you generally have to use either gas or electricity to heat water. So, there are no options for storing water in the tank for later use. This invariably increases the cost and makes it pricey than the traditional one. Even the heat and reheat of water increases the utility bill mainly during the winters.

High installation costs

Now, coming to the second reason, tankless water heaters cost you higher than tank water heaters because of high installation charges. For whole house installation, you might have to pay around $2000 to $5000. That’s not all, the cost goes up depending on the brand and the company you choose to install the tankless heater in your house. Again, if you compare it with the installation charge for tank water heaters, it comes to around $900 to $1500 only. The installation of tankless heaters in your house is complicated. In certain cases, it requires a different venting method and in other cases a whole new installation of electric receptacle of 120 volt.

Costly efficient storage models

The next reason is the high cost of some of the efficient storage models. In these models, the installation charge is always higher than the other models, thereby making it a costly affair for you. In simple words, if you choose a branded and a good model of the tankless heater, you need to be ready to pay more it.

These are some of the main reasons as why the tankless heaters cost you more than the tank water heaters. Now that you know it, you need to choose wisely for your home.