Why Doesn’t the Water Come Out of My Shower Head?

Taking a bath every day is a need. When the day is getting warmer, you really have to do that once, twice or even thrice (and it would be much better if you do that with these shower heads).

But what if there is no water coming out from your shower head once you are ready to bathe?

It is sometimes irritating on your part but you should not stay on that. You should look for the possible solution for your problem. If you are experiencing this on a big scale (i.e, all shower heads in your home) you have to consult from a plumber. The plumber will help you solve your problem. They are expert in that field.

However if you find hard to pay for a plumber, you can do it on your own. There may be something that inserted inside the pipes and it is the reason why it is blocking the mixing valves. The first thing that you should do is to turn off the water source and open the faucet beneath. You can usually find this outside.

If you find this difficult to do you ask help from your relatives or neighbors who have background knowledge. If there’s no sufficient water that comes out, the shower head might be clogged, but if there is poor water that comes out, there is something wrong with the valve.

There is blockage between the temp head and the shower head. You can check it out once you remove the shower head and then after that you should use a wire hanger.

You will insert this into the pipe until you see the temp valve. If there is blockage, this is the fault of the plumber that you hired. You can ask him to do the job again for a better result. The valve is the thing that diverts water.

Therefore, all you need to do is to hire a trustworthy and skilled plumber to retrieve the usual function of the valves.