Why is My Shower Head Leaking and How Do I Fix it?

To be fresh and clean is what we always wanted.

And being clean means we need to take a bath or a shower.

But sometimes, our showers will just leak and of course will make us mad.

It’s really annoying. The dripping noise it produces every time is really cruel on the eardrum. Leaky shower heads can also waste hundreds of gallons of water, thus adding it on your water bill.

Your shower head’s leaks can be caused by the plumbing problems or by the damage on its physical structure.

Shower leaks may be real irritating but no need to worry, fixing shower head leaks are just pretty simple.

You can do the job yourself, even though you’re not a plumbing professional, you can still fix the shower head leaks.

Whether the leak came from the point where the shower head and pipe meet, or from the shower head that was clogged, you can successfully fix it.

All you need to have is an adjustable wrench, a washer and a screwdriver and of course a simple guidelines to be followed.

  • You first need to remove the shower head with the use of an adjustable wrench.
  • Remove next the rubber gasket and check its condition. If you see a black residue on your hand, then it is suggesting for a replacement.
  • If you have a rubber gasket replacement, be sure its size will fit on the shower head. You can now place the ring flat inside.
  • Wrap the pipe threads with a Teflon tape. Because the thread is important, the wrapping should follow its direction.
  • You can now put the shower back on its place but make sure that it’s tight.
  • You can now check the result. If it does not leak anymore, then you succeeded, but if it doesn’t you might just need to unscrew the head and then screw it back again.

Of you can watch the short video below for more information and tips: