Why My Water Heater is Making Noise?

If your home water heater is letting out a popping sound similar to how a popcorn cooking microwave sounds ,it is certain that the tank has a massive sediment build up (usually consists of hard water minerals).

The solution is simple-the water tank only need unclogging. You can get rid of the clog yourself or call a local professional plumber.

In case you are wondering “How serious is the popping noise problem?” Well this noise actually implies that the heater is working inefficiently,and as a result increasing your heating bills.However over time,sediment build up can damage the water heater.

What are sediments and how do you get rid of them?

Sediments are loose mineral deposits that settle underneath water.They come from normal drinking water packed with minerals.It is really not bad for water to contain minerals,our body need them but unfortunately the obviously doesn’t.

The pop up noises are hot steam water bubbles escaping the sediments.Water beneath the sediments begins boiling and moves out of the sediment coating,causing the noise.

Here is how can you fix it in easy steps:

(a) Switch off the heater
(b) Turn the cool/frosty hydrant lever to approximately ninety-degree angle to stop more water from flowing into the heater
(c) Connect a hose-pipe to a drain regulator
(d) Put the hose -pipe in an area you can drain the hot water such as basements or outside
(e) Open the pressure valve to allow water to flow
(f) Open the drain regulators
(g) Once the water has been all drained,you can now flush.You will know its all done when you see clear water.
(h) Roll back the valve and disconnect the hose pipe from drain regulators.
(g) You can now turn the heater back on.

To avoid sediments build up,set up a no-salt water refresher at your main tank.This kind of conditioner treats normal water in a manner that leaves minerals in it,while stopping them from creating a buildup in your heater or pipes.