Best Infrared Sauna Reviews

“Best Infrared Saunas for Your Money – Read the Reviews and Pick Yours Today”

Infrared saunas have some profound heath benefits and powerful relaxation effects to our bodies. Choosing the right infrared saunas depends on a number of factors. Construction and design, wood quality and the heating technology are some of the important considerations. Before you look for those extra features to make your bathing experience more pleasurable; here are the top priorities.

Take a look at the following reviews of the best infrared saunas and buying guide for more info.

JNH Lifestyles (2 Person) Infrared Sauna with 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters Review

ctaIf you are looking for a uniquely affordable high end infrared sauna with best performance, then you should look no further than at this JNH Lifestyle (2 person) Infrared Sauna. This Green Certified FSC sauna has no chemical added or plywood but instead uses Canadian Hemlock T & G timber for best insulation.

This JNH Lifestyle Infrared Sauna comes with a digital control panel that allows the use to increase or lower temperature according to your preferences. This control panel also helps the user to determine the length of time of use of the sauna. The seven carbon fiber heaters are strategically placed on the backside, side, and calf parts of the sauna to enhance the heating area. The groove construction of the sauna provides for a stronger structure. The best thing about this sauna is that it features a dual wall insulational construction that allows better heat insulation.

This JNH Lifestyle Infrared Sauna has a premium sound system with two speakers, an amplifier, a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary plug and interior LED lights for purposes of entertainment. The sauna measures 47.3” by 39.5” by 75” and has a 110-120V and 15A power rating.

Dynamic Saunas (AMZ-DYN-9101-01 Alicante) Far Infrared Sauna Review

ctaIf you want to enjoy unique comfort and relaxation at your home after a hard day at work, you should get the Dynamic Saunas (AMZ-DYN-9101-01 Alicante) Far Infrared Sauna. Specifically designed and made for indoor use only, the sauna has a sleek and finely finished angled housing constructed using the best quality natural hemlock. There is a full-length high-end tempered glass door in the sauna that complements the overall décor of your home. The most important aspect about the efficiency of this sauna is that daily use of the sauna can help the body burn as much calories as one hour of continuous jogging. This goes a long way in strengthening cardiovascular muscles and immune systems for excellent performance and overall health well-being.

The sauna has three ceramic tube heaters, interior roof vent, and dual interior & exterior LED control units. These components make it effortlessly easy to control the sauna’s interior temperature for excellent functionality and results. The MP3 auxiliary connector has an in-built amplifier and provides you with chance to play your favorite music while relaxing in the sauna.

This Dynamic Saunas Infrared Sauna weighs approximately 210 pounds and measures 36” by 76.5” by 39”. The sauna should be connected to an 110v outlet for best performance and functionality.

JNH Lifestyles Corner Infrared Sauna (2-3 Person) with Latest Carbon-Fiber Heaters Review

ctaThe JNH Lifestyles Corner Infrared Sauna is an ETL approved infrared sauna with an unparalleled performance and an equally unique efficiency. The dual layer Hemlock T&G timber from Canada provides best insulation for the sauna thereby making it cost efficient to run and operate it due to low power consumption. There are two premium speakers and an in-built AUX control for the best entertainment when relaxing in the sauna. The five Carbon-Fiber Far (Infrared) Heaters in the sauna provide uniform heating from front to back and side to side.

For seamless control and operation of the sauna, there is a Digital Control Panel that is fully equipped with a digital control unit. The exterior dimensions of the sauna are 47.2” by 27.5” by 75” and its electrical requirements are 1100W and standard household power output (120V/15Amps). The heat insulation properties of this sauna are impeccable and enhanced by its Dual Wall Insulation and construction.

This JNH Lifestyle Sauna is a great infrared sauna. Assembling the sauna is a quite simple task that can take as little as 30 minutes especially with the help of the instructional assembly guide provided by the manufacturer.

Dynamic Saunas (AMZ-DYN-6210-01) Venice Far Infrared Sauna Review

ctaDynamic Saunas have a good market reputation due to their environment friendly construction. The walls in the Dynamic Saunas Venice Far Infrared Sauna are double paneled thus providing incredible insulation abilities thus ensuring that heat is efficiently retained in the Sauna. The 6 low EMF Carbon Energy Efficient panels in the sauna create a uniformly wide and soft heat distribution. These panels provide for over 40%more heat penetration through the skin than in other standard saunas. This results in more therapeutic benefits and exceedingly great health benefits.

This Dynamic Saunas infrared sauna is economical in the heating panels come with a lifetime functionality feature and as such, do not need to be replaced. Ideally, these saunas are designed for effortless use and are of outstanding value. This sauna is a great addition in any fitness room and can greatly increase the value of your home.

This indoor use only sauna has an exquisite finish that highlights its décor and attractiveness. The Chromo Therapy Lighting Function is a new feature in this sauna model. This feature relies on the science of colors in adjusting body vibrations corresponding to frequencies resulting in good health and harmony. Each color corresponds to a specific vibration which in turn relates to a particular symptom. Chromotherapy depends on energy points in enabling the body to achieve a health-physical wellbeing balance.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous (4 Person Far) Infrared Sauna –Nine Carbon-Fiber Heaters Review

ctaIf you are shopping for an infrared sauna that is guaranteed to outlive other bathroom fixtures and electric appliances in the house, you should settle on JNH Lifestyle Joyous Infrared Sauna. This ETL approved sauna has nine carbon-fiber infrared heaters that account for the great performance, functionality and reliability of the sauna. The double layer of the Hemlock T&G timber from Canada provides efficient insulation features that translate into massive heat and power conservation. All the parts and components used in the construction of the sauna are UL Listed and ETL approved.

The digital control feature in this infrared sauna allows users to control temperature as well as length of time that the sauna will be in use. This makes it possible for users to have control of the sauna and can thus customize and personalize it to meet their needs.

The tools-free assembly design of the sauna makes it simple to set up the sauna as you only need to buckle the panels and parts together. The premium entertainment feature in this sauna includes two premium speakers and an auxiliary plug that allows you to connect any portable music player to the sauna’s entertainment system.

How to Buy Infrared Saunas the Right Way

Types of infrared heaters

When it comes to choosing an infrared heater; size, heat & temperature quality and the material used to produce the infrared heat are way too important.

Ceramic and carbon are the two commonly used materials. Ceramic has a high emissivity rating; this means it produces more infrared heat than its counterparts. Ceramic heaters tend to produce a shorter wavelength of the infrared heat which are less absorbed into the human body.

The carbon infrared heaters work to produce a longer infrared wavelength which results in rapid absorption of heat by the body. They are more therapeutic running at a lower surface area; this produces desirable results. Carbon produces high-quality infrared heat but in very small quantities. They are less emissive and least efficient as compared to the ceramic heaters.

Other heating methods available in the market are the metal rod heaters with reflectors. These metal rods work selectively with reflectors and must run at very high temperatures. The main wave of the infrared heat undergoes some reflection where it bounces off the metal surface. This produces secondary infrared heat that is diluted and less effective.

Wave II infrared heaters combine both the ceramic and carbon materials for an exceptional heating experience. They produce high quality and a lot of infrared heat in a short duration. This sophisticated heating technology may come with a price; making little savings purchase this model is the best you can do for that lifetime bathing experience.

The level of electro-magnetic fields

High level of electromagnetic fields has some devastating effects on our general health. Choosing an infrared with little or no electromagnetic fields is highly recommended. The level of EMF can be virtually eliminated by use of a third-party technology which works to ensure that the available amount is below 3mg.

Higher EMF level is linked to various health hazards such as; cancer, depression, memory loss, chronic fatigue, headaches and sudden loss of body energy.

Wood quality

Cedar has remained one of the highly preferred types of wood for many years due to the ability to resist splitting and cracking. It’s softwood that contains aromatic oils known best for its cleansing and healing properties which aids in detoxification. It also helps in dispersing excessive fluids throughout the body during the sauna.

Cedar is both an antibacterial and anti-fungal. This is so because of the unique properties of its oil, cedar oil. Cedar provides a smooth surface that enhances for easy cleaning and removable of stains if any.

If you are allergic to the naturals oils found in cedar, Hemlock wood is the best alternative. This wood has good stability and highly resistant to warping and other wear factors. It has no odor, non-toxic and highly hypoallergenic.


Most of the infrared saunas have been specifically designed for a number of individuals. Some can fit up to five people at once; your choice should be proportional to the available space in your home and the number of people to use the sauna.

A 35-inch width will only fit one person, 42-inch for 2-individuals and so on. The prices vary according to size, design, and brand.

Heating surface-area

The heating surface area determines the performance of your infrared sauna. The power wattage is less dependent on the heat distribution, rather; the larger the surface area, the faster your sauna heats up with a higher heat distribution. Choose an infrared sauna with floor heating panels; this will keep your feet warm.


Choose an infrared sauna with quality ceramic heaters. Some of the models use some cheap, poor quality heat emitters that produce lumpy deposits of impurities in the course of service. Such deposits cause the ceramic heat emitters to decay faster, this becomes inefficient with time.

Safety certificates

Most infrared saunas have the safety certifications. This kind of certification should be authorized only by international regulatory agencies and not the company’s director. This is a clear indication that the product has been tested for all the safety and proper functioning without any harm exposed to the consumer.

Avoid those cheap infrared saunas that lack the proper safety certifications. An accreditation for safety is a solid assurance of quality service delivery.


Choose an infrared sauna made of thick walls. A wall panel, 7-10 mm thick will ensure durability and maximum performance. Avoid thin walls at all cost; both the outside and inside walls. Such kind of thin walls won’t hold up to the desired temperature range, 70-140 degree F over a given period of time.

Thin walls are less resistant to warping and may split or bow more easily. They are difficult to maintain, more expensive to operate and highly susceptible to damage.


It’s important to purchase an infrared sauna with some of the essential technological breakthroughs. A programmable temperature is one of such immediate necessities. A sauna needs to be preheated before you enter it. If your infrared sauna lacks this programmable feature, you will only be heating your body and not the adjacent air which is quite uncomfortable.

Go for that infrared sauna with a countdown timer automation system. This feature will automatically shut down the unit when the preserved time is over. It aids in balancing and controlling the amount of heat than your body can bear without exposing it to any harm.


Sauna is where you can comfortably take a bath and relax. Some good, soothing music will do you good. Add the exemplary experience by getting an infrared sauna cabinet with a well maintained- music system. The speakers, wires, and the stereo system should be in their best of conditions to avoid any fault in the long run.

Prices and warranty

Make the best out of your hard-earned money. Select the product of your choice then go ahead and compare prices from one retailer to the other. Prioritize in buying original and quality infrared sauna over the counterfeit products flooding the market. Be keen to make your purchase from authorized dealers to avoid fake warranty claims.