Reviews of the Best Rain Shower Heads for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best rain shower heads for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

ProductNameFlow RateFinishPrice
AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head2.5 GPMChromebuy3
WaterBella Stainless Steel Shower Head - Rain Style Showerhead, Waterfall Effect2.5 GPMChromebuy3
H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker2.5 GPMChromebuy3
Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head2.5 GPMN/Abuy3
Kingston Brass K136A5 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head2.5 GPMBronzebuy3

Best Rain Shower Heads With Reviews

AKDY Rain Style Shower Head Review

ctaWant a sleek and simplistic shower head?

Then this AKDY 8” Rain Style (AZ6021) is the best!

The chrome finish and a mirrored look gives this device a distinctly modern feel.

The unique square shape spreads the water flow around a wider area. That way, it will create a genuine sense of standing in the rain for you!

Sounds interesting?

And just attach the extension arm (sold separately) and you can position the entire shower head directly over you for maximum comfort.

Cleaning this device is easy, too. Just rub your fingers over the soft rubber spray nozzles to break up any mineral build-up and it’s done.

Another good thing is you can easily install this head thanks to its standard size.

Show people you can do this without any help from professionals!

For some, a plastic device creates a perception of inferior design.

But you need to understand this.

The durable plastic construction used here is perfect for daily use! Because it will last for years to come.

And that will save you lots of money down the road.

WaterBella Stainless Steel Waterfall Effect Review

ctaImagine starting your day under a warm, soothing waterfall.

How good does it feel?

And that’s the idea behind this WaterBella device.

Just look at its high-tech 8” rectangular shape in polished stainless steel. It will make a bold statement in your bathroom.

Great high-end look without the high-end price tag I have to say.

And it’s very easy to install as well.

Another plus point, isn’t it?

You can put everything in places in minutes with no tools required. After that, get ready to relax and recharge.

One suggestion of mine though.

Since the water flow goes straight down to provide you a waterfall effect, it’s important to purchase the extender arm (sold separately).

Believe me, you won’t regret it.

In case the rubber nozzles become clogged, simply run your fingers over them to remove lime or sediment.

And while the stainless steel can show spots, especially in homes with hard water, a quick wipe down now and then as you exit the shower will keep that problem in check.

Finally, the support for this device will bring peace to your mind as you soak your entire body under a relaxing waterfall.

H2oVibe With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

ctaLike to sing in the shower?

Wish there was music you could sing along to?

Then the H2oVibe is the answer!

A very unique product among these best rain shower heads.

Through a water-proof detachable speaker, you can listen to crystal clear audio from any Bluetooth device.

Get ready to bring your favorite songs into the shower!

Waiting for an important phone call?

No problem, you can also answer calls from the comfort of your shower as well.

How’s that for convenient?

I don’t think there are many options that can bring you those impressive features.

Another plus point is the speaker can play for 8 to 10 hours straight without charging.

And while a handful of users have reported issues with the Bluetooth’s connectivity, the overwhelming majority say it works like a champ.

If you want to recharge, simply give the speaker a quarter turn twist, then connect the provided cable into any USB charger. Talk about easy maintenance here.

But high tech is only part of the story.

Want something to sooth and relax you after a long day at work?

Then the ultra-wide, powerful flow — with 3 times more spray power than a standard product — provides a luxurious spa-like experience will do it for you.

Finally, the durable polished chrome design is right at home in any shower

A highly recommended product for you.

Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Review

ctaTired of wimpy, low-energy showers?

Need more get-up-and-go in your shower flow?

Then you will need the Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure. Period!

It lives up to its name by providing amazing spray power in a dynamic and invigorating flow.

The advanced design actually enhances the water pressure in your shower, providing a firm, wide spray path.

The result?

A true spa-like massage, providing a steady flow that’s refreshing and rejuvenating.

A flexible extension arm lets you position this unit at a height and angle that works best for you — or any member of your family.

The unit is lightweight and easy to install. It attaches effortlessly to most standard connections.

You can easily clean the pliable rubber tips by rubbing your fingers across them. That way, you can ensure a clog-free unit.

While the clean white color is not an across the board favorite, it blends seamlessly into any style décor.

And I think you will like it as well.

Kingston Brass K136A5 Review

ctaLooking for an impressive rain shower head?

Then you’ve found it!

The graceful lines and timeless beauty of the Kingston Brass K136A5 Designer Trimscape Showerscape combine the best of old world elegance and modern day use.

The 8” head boasts an impressive 141 water channels, ready to drench you in comfort with a comforting water flow.

And while it may look antique, it incorporates the features of today’s most effective shower heads.

I’m talking about high quality brass construction with premium oil-rubbed bronze finish built to resist tarnishing and corrosion.

If you love the look but not the finish, you’re in luck, as this unit is also available in polished brass, polished chrome and satin nickel — so you can get the exact look you want.

What’s more, matching faucets and other bathroom hardware accessories complete the look.

What Exactly is a Rain Shower Head?

A rain shower head is a shower head that presents a large, flat plane from which water shoots out of dozens of small outlets. Installed like a typical shower head, the rain shower head is no different in installation, but entirely different in terms of its results.

Spreading the origin of the water droplet across a plane, you end up getting hit by individual water droplets, as opposed to steady streams. The result is a far softer experience. Now, just because it is advertised as a rain shower head does not mean that it will lack water pressure. Many rain shower heads provide equal water pressure to the shower head it replaced.

Rain shower heads offer a unique aesthetic that is traditionally not seen in bathrooms. A more modern aesthetic, the rain shower head is perfect for those updating an existing bathroom and looking to add flare without a substantial amount of cost.

Why You Should Have a Rain Shower Head in Your Bathroom

First, as mentioned above there is the aesthetic. Usually consisting of an unusual design, the rain shower head is a great way to make a bathroom and shower look more modern without that much additional cost. It provides an alternative showering experience that is typically thought of as luxurious. As a result, it is a way to improve the value of a home prior to selling and is frequently included in bathroom renovations prior to selling.

Another important factor you should consider is the experience. The rain shower head experience is described as smoother and more relaxing than a typical shower. As the rain shower head hangs from above, you also get a more full range of coverage.

There are many different models to choose from. Some require nothing more than being placed on the existing fixture. Some will require the addition of a support arm used to hold it in place. Others may require reworking the plumbing. It is popular to include a rain shower head as well as a shower built into the ceiling itself, as to not obstruct the ceiling aesthetic. Others end up positioning several different rain shower heads in different positions, to create an overwhelmingly amazing shower experience.

What Other Customers Like The Most About Their Rain Shower Heads

Customers loved the versatility of the rain shower head. For those simply looking to replace an existing shower head, the process couldn’t be simpler with some of the models currently on the market. For those who love customizing their showering experience and are willing to put hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars into improving the experience, then the rain shower head represents a fantastic way of making the ideal showering experience possible.

Customers also appreciate the cost. For smaller jobs, the rain shower head is affordable. Be ready to pay far more for it than a traditional shower head though. For those looking to completely redesign their showering experience, the cost will match well the scope of their goals.

Customers enjoyed the selection and guarantee of product quality offered by companies. Many companies provide a 1, 2, or 5 year warranty on their rain shower head. Long after installation, customers have used the warranty to get new shower heads if and when a problem develops to great success.

If nothing else, customers loved the experience of the rain shower head. Different from a typical angled shower, the rain shower head provided a more full body experience, requiring no movement at all to get all parts of the body.

Important Things to Know First Before Spending Your Money

Size of operation. Rain shower heads come in a staggering range of choices. There are those that fit over existing fixtures, and provide a pivot arm that you can use to place above you. There are others that will require reworking the plumbing in your shower. Be sure you know exactly what you want, and work out the price before continuing.

Water pressure. If you have issues with water pressure, then a rain shower head may not be the best for you, as it requires on average more water pressure to function. Some designs help get around this, but prepare for them to be more expensive.

Work out material, finish, and price. Rain shower heads differ on quality and price depending on manufacturer. Typically, the price of the rain shower head will depend on the brand of the manufacturer, the particular aesthetic of the rain shower head, the quality of the material used in the rain shower head, and the coating. For matching the aesthetic with the rest of your bathroom, remember that you will need to focus on the coating and material choice. Anything that stands out too much will be an eyesore and take away from the aesthetic of the bathroom.

If nothing else, be sure you carefully read the existing reviews on the rain shower head you are looking to purchase. If the shower head is built into the ceiling, then check to see what customers have experienced in terms of leaking. The last thing you will want to have to worry about is leaks in your walls and ceiling. If the shower head is a hang down or pivot arm, then you should look for reviews on how well the water is distributed. Less reputable products do not distribute the water fully, creating less of a shower and more of a drizzle.


So as you can see, today’s rain shower heads come with a laundry list of bells and whistles. Are you looking for a waterfall-type shower flow that caresses your entire body? Or is a more forceful and stimulating flow more to your liking? Do you want a traditional shower head that streams out diagonally from the wall?

No matter what your choice would be, I hope this short guide of mine has helped you in some ways. Happy showering.