Moen 3867 Four Function Chrome Massaging Hand Showerhead Review

ctaHave you ever taken a shower at a five-star hotel and noticed something different?

If you did it has to do with the showerhead itself.

Showerheads come in many different varieties and possess many different characteristics.

Those nicer showers have higher pressures which makes the water feel better when it hits your body.

The only showerhead that provided me with the same experience is the Moen 3867.

And today, I will tell you why it’s a good product for you.

Just read my review below.

Chrome Finish

One thing that distinguishes this product is its aesthetic element.

It has a sleek, elegant chrome finish that is reflective and shiny.

The materials used in most average showerheads tend to rust and deteriorate over time.

This one boasts longevity and maintains its “brand new” look for a much longer shelf life.

It also does not leave fingerprint stains lurking on its body as do other showerheads that have more of a waxy, greasy finish.

Four Spray Patterns

This awesome showerhead has not one or two but four unique spray patterns that are guaranteed to satisfy the preference of any individual.

The four different spray patterns are: massage, full, vigorous, and combination.

Do I need to say any more?

I personally prefer the vigorous pattern as it soothes my aching body after a day of hard work.

You can simply switch back and forth between the different patterns using the dial right on the headpiece.

Height Selection

As a taller person I oftentimes struggle to fit my head directly underneath the scope of the showerhead without bumping my head on it.

The setting usually chosen is for people of average height.

Most showerheads can only have the height set during the initial installation.

This product, however, allows you to adjust the height on an as-need basis.

It comes with a thirty-inch slide bar with push button height selection.

That is almost three feet of adjustments that you can make!

I love this feature because my family has both taller and shorter people.

I no longer have to listen to complaints that the showerhead is too high.

Small Drawback

One drawback to this item is the instability of the showerhead once it is rotated too far left or right of the centerline.

If you keep it pointed directly to the middle, it is as still as a rock.

However, it tends to get wobbly once rotated to a different angle.

This was not an issue for me because I do not see a need to rotate the showerhead in the first place.

The showerhead is installed on one end of the shower (on the wall) for a reason.

It is designed to point in a specific direction.

I believe this product does its job and delivers a rewarding experience.


I love this product!

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their showering experience to the next level.

The “massage” spray pattern greatly enhanced my morning shower experience.

I now go to work every morning very rejuvenated and ready to take the day on by storm.

If you want to make a minor adjustment to your shower that provides great results, buy this product today.

It’s easy, affordable, and makes a world of a difference!