Waterpik TRS-559 Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower Review

ctaAre you tired of taking showers and getting a subpar, low power water spray?

Are you tired of dealing with a flimsy shower head that falls every time you try and change its positioning?

If you have experienced either of these issues, I highly recommend that you look into purchasing the Waterpik TRS-559 shower head.

And with this review, I will show you why this product is among the best sellers on the market right now.

OptiFLOW Technology

My favorite feature of this product has got to be the advanced OptiFLOW technology.

This functionality provides you with a higher pressure water spray that covers your entire body.

The increased pressure of the spray is very soothing and relaxing.

It feels like getting a head massage!

It gives me that rejuvenated feeling first thing in the morning and I can then finally say that I am a morning person because of it.

I now go to into work every day ready to tackle any issues that come my way!

Brushed Nickel, Rub Clean

The sleek and the elegant design of this product is also something to look out for.

It is much easier on the eyes and is much more inviting.

The rub clean feature also eliminates the issue with most other shower heads where water spots and fingerprints are constantly left behind.

All of those spots are less of a hassle to clean with this product.

Gone are the days where you have to disassemble the entire shower piece just to clean it.

I remember when I had to clean my old shower head all of the spots did not always come out!

5-Foot Shower Hose

The addition of a 5-foot shower hose to this product has made many things much more convenient for me.

I can now easily bathe my puppy or my three-year-old without having to spray them with water from such a long distance.

This longer hose allows me to conveniently reach them without making a huge mess in the bathroom!

Minor Drawback

One minor drawback I found in this product is a slight odor that accompanies most products made of the same material used for this shower head.

It did not bother me much but took slightly longer to dissipate than I had originally expected.

The odor was completely gone within two weeks.

One solution I have is to purchase this product, open the packaging, and leave it to air out for two weeks before installing it.

The tightly sealed packaging is what kept the odor intact.

The smell is not all too bad so if you do not have a problem with it then it really is not an issue.


If you are looking to upgrade your showering experience, I highly encourage you to go out and find a way to purchase this product.

The high water pressure wakes me up and starts my day with a jolt of energy.

The convenience of the 5-foot hose is also worthy of mentioning as it has saved me a lot of time that i use for drying off the bathroom after bathing my child.

This product is impeccable and has therefore made such a difference in my daily routine.